Math Homework- The children will have math homework every night except for the days they have a math test.
There is a math homework folder which has their math homework in it.

Reading- Children should review their vocab words each night.  A vocab list will be sent home with the weekly newsletters.  Students need to know how to use the words in a sentence.  When you are reviewing the words, have your child use the word correctly in a sentence.  Also give them different examples/ sentences where they have to fill in the blank using one of their vocab words.

Every student should read 20 minutes a night.  I know this seems like a lot of time, but once they start reading, they will discover how quickly the time goes!  They may read newspapers, books, comics, movie reviews, and if you permit, content off the computer.  Third grade is the year of “Comprehension.”  The more a person reads, the easier it is to comprehend material.  Practice, practice, practice 🙂

Science and Social Studies- Homework will be noted in the assignment book.  Prior to each test, the students will receive a “flip book” studying tool.  Your child should practice the flip book each night.  Sometimes the flipbook may have empty slots.  This is because we have not learned those concepts yet.  Don’t focus on the unanswered questions, practice the ones with answers.

Spelling words will be written in the assignment book each story.  The children will have 2 spelling assignments per story.


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